It’s the middle of winter and the boiler has broken down – argh! What do you do? How can you get it back up and functioning before the house becomes an ice box and family members start complaining that they can’t have a hot shower? Should you immediately call Solihull Plumbers to come out and fix it, whatever the cost?

Well, aside from panic, here are 3 things to do if you need boiler repairs, whenever it may happen:

1. Try resetting your boiler

We all may joke about the instruction frequently given of ‘turn it off and back on again,’ when trying to rectify a problem with a piece of technical equipment, but there’s a reason why it’s said so often, even by Solihull Plumbers! So, before you start panicking and searching for boiler repairs companies in your area, grab the manufacturers instruction manual and follow the steps given for resetting your boiler. For condensing boilers, this should be fairly straightforward, but for boilers older than 15 years, you’ll need to check the pilot light, instead. Again, refer to the manufacturers manual for guidance, or if you’ve mislaid it or don’t have it, simply call Solihull Plumbers.

2. Inspect the thermostat

Before assuming the worst – that you’ll need to pay for boiler repairs – be sure to eliminate any issues with the thermostat. It may be that the temperature has been set too low, and if it’s at lower than 21 degrees, you should be able to adjust it easily and get your boiler working again, all without having to call Solihull Plumbers. However, if the thermostat appears to be functioning properly, there’s a string possibility that you’ll need boiler repairs.

3. Check the pressure of the boiler

Take a look at the pressure gauge which can usually be found at the front of the boiler, and see where the needle is pointing. If the needle is pointing below one bar, it may be that your boiler’s pressure is causing the problem. Should this become a regular issue and the boiler fails to work on more than occasion, you should call Solihull Plumbers and have them inspect the boiler thoroughly. It may be that it’s time for you to invest in a new boiler, as like most household appliances and fixtures, they don’t last forever, and it could prove a more cost effective choice than having to pay out for boiler repairs on a regular basis.

At Solihull Plumbers, we can help with all of your boiler problems. From services and boiler repairs, to installations, we’re here to offer support and guidance throughout the day, as well as providing an emergency call-out service for when getting your boiler fixed, just won’t wait.