Due to the harsh winters that affect many people around the country, double glazing is an essential part of most properties. It has proved to be an effective way to insulate properties and keep people warm and comfortable during the winter months. It also provides extra insulation during summer too. The problem is that many window frames are old and worn and can let in draughts, thus cutting down the effectiveness of the double glazing.

What About Your Window Frames?

Did you know that old window frames can make your double glazing next to useless? Wooden and even aluminium window frames become worn over time and this can lead to numerous issues. These old frames can warp and move over time; this can lead to draughts and can even reduce the effectiveness of your expensive double-glazed windows.

You may have an issue with your double glazing if you notice any of the following:

  • Cloudiness or mistiness between the double-glazed window panes
  • Cracks in the double glazing
  • Warped window frames
  • Holes and damage at the edge of the window frame

The good news is that affordable uPVC double-glazed windows in Nottingham can make a huge difference.

Why uPVC?

uPVC is a modern material that offers some fantastic benefits over steel, aluminium, and wood, including:

  • Durability and strength
  • No cracking or flaking
  • Reduced movement even in extreme weather conditions

Double glazing is a great investment but by also using uPVC frames, you gain many advantages over the more traditional materials. Increased strength and durability mean that uPVC is a fantastic option for many properties.