Home is something we all dream about. There are those who might prefer a simple kitchen addition to make a few more square meters usable. Then there are those who want to renovate a listed building, or perhaps even build a brand new house from scratch? It will be much easier to realize your vision if you can select an architect with whom you can work constructively. Here are our top tips for choosing architects.

Understand what an architect brings to the table

To begin with, it’s important to remember why it’s worth hiring an architect. A builder’s contribution to a build is endless but might include clearing through sometimes complicated planning procedures and building regulations on your behalf, conceptualizing a site-specific plan that optimizes natural light, space, and storage, researching materials and fixtures or designing custom furniture and joinery.

In summary, architects will enhance your quality of life in numerous ways. In addition to enhancing what is probably your largest asset – your home – your investment is likely to increase your quality of life, sense of wellbeing, and emotional attachment to it. When you know what an architect is capable of, you will be able to foster positive, productive relationships.

Take a look, and then take another look

Every practice has its own style – the most important question is, ‘Is it something I like?’ You don’t need an architect to try to convince you to choose marble if you’re already planning to use concrete for your countertops.

You can determine whether you like a studio’s work by looking at its current portfolio. Have a look and click on things that catch your eye, whether it’s a particular use of materials, an exterior profile, or a framed view.

What are your goals?

Choosing an architect that’s right for your project depends on the scope and type of your project.

A new firm without a large portfolio, however, can produce great results if you are willing to take a chance. If you have a smaller project in mind, then finding an architect who matches your style will be the most crucial factor.

Consult your family and friends

You walked into a friend’s newly remodeled basement and felt serious house envy? This probably means they designed the space in a way that resonated with you, so get the practice’s


Moreover, if you intend to contact an architect based on a recommendation, you should ask the source of the recommendation how their experience was. Was their opinion taken into consideration? Were their requirements met? How valuable were they? Taking their answers with a grain of salt is always advisable, but it would be remiss not to ask.

Visit the completed works

You may want to visit one of their publicly accessible buildings if you’re attracted to a particular practice. How would you rate the choice of materials, the layout, and the fixtures and fittings? A completed project provides a sense of their work, but some decisions will be client-driven. You can read more about architectural services here.