Homeowners are often shocked to spot the first signs of pest infestation. Sadly, pests, rodents, and critters are all around us, and when they find way into our homes, it can be a matter of concern. Pests can be carrier of diseases, while rodents and termites can cause structural damage to a property. If you are hiring a Boise pest control service for your home, you may want to ask these questions listed below.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

All pest control companies need to be licensed. The work of an exterminator involves considerable risks, so if the workers end up damaging your home during the process, you don’t want to be liable for the losses. As such, it is as important to ensure that a pest control service has insurance. This includes both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

2. Is your work guaranteed?

There’s a reason why people spend on licensed and professional pest control services – They want assurance that the problem has been addressed. Top companies will offer some sort of warranty or guarantee on the work done by them. For instance, if you paid a pest control company for roach extermination and found more roaches within a week, the service should offer the second or third treatment for free. Please read the terms and conditions of the contract signed with the pest control company.

3. Are your products safe?

A lot has been written about the side effects of chemicals and pesticides used for pest control, not just for humans and animals, but also for the environment at large. When you hire a service, ask them about their pest control methods and products. Many companies are now opting for products that are safe for everyone around, besides relying on methods that minimize environmental impact.

Getting an estimate

Don’t be tempted to select a pest control company based on the price alone, but do ask for an estimate in advance. The cost of hiring such services depend on many factors, including the extent of infestation. For some circumstances, it may be necessary to repeat pest control treatments after intervals, but there is usually no need to vacate the house. Check the estimate in depth and make sure there is no room for hidden costs.

To know a pest control company in Boise, you can ask for references too. Or else, check online for client reviews and testimonials.