You may be wondering what is Marmorino?

Marmorino lime plaster is an excellent material for stone and brick restoration. Marmorino lime plaster is made from special kind of limestone, which is quarried in Tuscany, Italy. The unique texture and color of marmorino lime plaster are ideal for both interior and exterior stone, brick or masonry projects.

The word marmorino comes from the Italian word “marmorino” which means “of marble”. The original formulation was developed in Florence by Michelangelo in 1547 to restore the cracked facade of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo).

The word marmorino has been used since the seventeenth century to describe a mixture of powdered marble and lime used to treat stone surfaces. This special mixture was also called calce viva (living lime) because it is applied wet, like plaster. It is this that gives marmorino its particular texture and appearance.

Marmorino may be applied directly to dry or damp stone surfaces, although it’s best to apply it to slightly damp surfaces for best results. This ensures that the surface absorbs the mixture easily and creates a perfectly smooth finish.

Marmorino lime plaster can be used to cover whole walls or just to patch up holes. It’s one of the most versatile plasters I’ve ever worked with because it’s incredibly easy to apply, doesn’t require a lot of mixing, and has excellent workability.

This traditional plaster can be used directly on masonry or over furring strips, although it won’t adhere well if the substrate is damp.

Marmorino is made from calcined marble dust, lime putty and water. It comes in three main forms:

1. Wet mix, which can be applied directly to masonry surfaces or over furring strips.

2. Dry mix, which needs to be moistened with water before use. It’s called “dry” because when it dries, it actually cures into a hard surface that can then be finished with paint or another plaster coat.

3. Pudding mix is the consistency of cake batter when it’s mixed properly; you can also add color to change its hue. This is usually applied over furring strips and then finished with another coat of marmorino or other type of plaster.

Marmorino lime plaster is a type of plaster that uses a combination of marble dust and lime. It is a durable, long lasting, bright white finish that is also resistant to mold and mildew.

The process involves mixing marble dust with lime and water to create a slurry. The ingredients are combined in the desired ratio, which will depend on how thick or thin the final product can be. The mixture is then poured onto a wall or other desired surface, where it will dry slowly. This helps to ensure the plaster’s quality and durability when applied properly.