Drain pipes form the backbone of the modern plumbing system and play a very important role in keeping your pipes clean. The drain pipes are designed to carry the wastewater from various plumbing fixtures around the house, and then they transport them to the municipal sewage lines, from which they end up in the sea or in the wastewater treatment plants. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about basic drain maintenance, and it doesn’t take long for the pipes to get blocked. Some of the reasons that drain pipes get blocked include:

  • Solid items getting stuck in the pipe
  • Hair causing a blockage
  • Fat or greasy substances like oil creating a blockage

If the drain pipes are blocked, you will begin to hear a gurgling noise every time you flush the toilets. Water in the shower drains will also rise when you take a shower. You might want to contact a local Stroud drain clearance company if you want to get the pipes unblocked. Here are a few ways by which the drain pipes can be opened.

Water Jetting

A common method used for clearing out the drain pipes is water jetting. This method involves releasing water in the drain pipes at very high pressures in order to clear out the blockage.

Acid Cleaning

If water jetting is not capable of cleaning out the blockage all the way, harsh acids might be used. These acids are capable of literally melting whatever’s blocking the drain pipe, thus cleaning out the pipes.