Looking to get a lost conversion in Bristol? It’s usually a great investment for your property, increasing the space and overall value of your home. While the cost of a loft conversion in Bristol may appear high, it may end up paying for itself by the value it adds to the property.

Of course, like with any major renovation it is important to find a suitable contractor to complete your loft conversion in Bristol. Choosing the wrong builder could result in an overpriced conversion that lacks the quality you expect from such a renovation.

You always want to use the best builder possible to ensure the conversion is premium quality, adding as much value as possible while giving you the desired space. Here are some tips for how to the best loft conversion Bristol:

Ask for a Recommendation

Getting a personal recommendation from a friend, relative, or neighbour is a good option for anyone looking for an attic conversion Bristol. This is because they have personal experience working with the contractor, so will know how good their quality of work is and the overall level of service provided.

An honest opinion is hard to come by unless you know someone that has hired the builder personally, so consider asking anyone you know that has had their attic converted for a recommendation.

Request Portfolios and References

Any contractor you’re considering hiring for your attic conversion should have plenty of examples of their previous work, so ask to see this and any references to determine their suitability. A good company will happily provide you with this information – avoid any that are hesitant to show you’re their work!

Portfolios are great for showing the overall quality of work on previous projects while references can help establish things like work attitude, value for money, and communication skills, all of which are important factors when choosing your contractor.

Always Look for a Guarantee of Work

The best loft conversion companies in Bristol offer a guarantee of work. This covers you against poor workmanship and any damage that may occur during the conversion, offering protection for your investment. Considering the high cost of a loft conversion, you should look for as much protection for as your investment as possible, with a guarantee of work providing this.

Ask for a Survey

Getting your loft surveyed by a contract is useful for determine how much they want to charge for the work and what type of conversion options are available for your property type. Not all conversions are possible depending on the size and space available, so getting a survey is a good idea so you know what options are available.

Are they Accredited?

Accredited conversion companies are typically the most reliable, as achieving professional accreditation requires being held to specific codes of conduct and high standards of work.

The Federation of Master Builders is the largest professional trade organisation and should be checked when looking for an attic conversion company in Bristol.