Big gardens in the United Kingdom and even the smaller ones have at least one tree planted in there. It may have been there when you first moved in, or you may have planted it yourself to recognise an important time in your life like the birth of your first child or your wedding day. Whatever the reason, it has gotten much bigger and is much harder to take care off.

It may have sentimental value, but if you don’t keep it under control, it is going to get taller and wider, and before you know it, it may be a threat to your home. Every time there is a large storm in the UK, you will be looking at the tree swaying and wondering if it is going to hold or fall. This is not a nice situation to be in and so you should take advantage of the services of 24 hour tree surgeons in Walton-On-Thames. They can provide the following services.

  1. Trees need to be controlled and cut back and pruned but sometimes the tree is just too tall for you to do it yourself. Your tree surgeon will have all the necessary equipment to scale the tree and cut back and prune the branches. He will do it stage by stage, which is much safer than just cutting one single branch.
  2. If it comes to it and you just don’t want the tree there any more, then you tree surgeon can remove the whole tree piece by piece. This is a big job where safety is the key. Once the tree is cut down, the stump will be left and they will remove this as well.

If your tree is getting a little out of hand, contact your local tree surgeon and let them take care of it for you.