Many homes throughout the UK face problems with walls and ceilings that haven’t been decorated with anti mould paint, and have therefore become covered with damp patches and unsightly mould. Not always a sign of an unclean home, damp and mould can build up for a few reasons, such as poor ventilation or faulty pipework, and can be stubborn to shift no matter how hard you try.

Fortunately, anti mould kits are an affordable way to paint your home and keep its walls and ceilings free from mould, all year round. If you’re having a new home built, are decorating a newly purchased property before you move in, or are redecorating a property during a tenancy changeover, you can ask your painter to use anti mould paint.

Would your home benefit from anti mould paint?

If your home is frequently affected by damp patches and mould, and you’ve done everything you can to address the issues that might be causing it, your next best solution is to try anti mould paint. And why should you bother?

While damp and mould are anything but pleasant to look at, they can be harmful to your health, too. Black mould is particularly harmful, and is a type of fungus that grows and develops in damp or humid conditions, such as those often found in bathrooms. When it starts to produce spores (tiny structures that are half the width of a human hair), these encourage mould to keep reproducing and growing. Responsible for the majority of health problems cause by damp and mould in the home, these spores are allergens that can cause a variety of allergic reactions, and inhaling or touching them can cause health issues, or exacerbate existing ones.

What effect can mould spores have on your health?

Without a home whose walls and ceilings have been coated with anti mould paint, you could find yourself – or other members of your household – suffering from the following:

Respiratory problems

Frequently experienced by anyone living in a mouldy environment, symptoms of respiratory problems may include difficulty breathing, a tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing, a blocked or runny nose and sneezing. In some instances, respiratory problems can go on to develop into more complex and life threatening infections. Without the help of anti mould kits, symptoms and subsequent infections can become chronic if you’re continually exposed to mould spores.


While mould spores themselves cannot cause asthma, there is a possibility that if you already suffer from it, the continued presence of mould spores could cause more frequent and more serious asthmatic attacks. Eliminate the risk of this in your home with a simple, safe and effective solution:anti mould paint.

Recent research has also seen a correlation between mould toxicity (a build-up of mould toxins in the body) and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Why not purchase an anti mould kit today, and keep you and your family safe and protected from the many risks posed by damp and mould in the home. Alternatively, ask a professional painter to redecorate your entire home using anti mould paint, and wave goodbye to unsightly and dangerous mould, for good.