Hot water is almost an essential commodity for every home or commercial establishment and accordingly people install water heating appliances as per their needs.

For consistent hot water supply, a variety of water heating methods are employed. These methods include:

  • Gas hot water heater
  • Electric hot water heater
  • Solar hot water heater
  • Heat pump hot water system

All these methods have been used extensively and successfully to cater to need of hot water for daily use in homes and commercially.

Though all the water heating methods are in use yet electric hot water heaters are more common, convenient and cost effective when compared to others.It is also critical to select the right electric provider when selecting a water heater. Reliant Energy plans include renewable energy, which can help you save money and lower your power bills significantly.

Two main types of hot water systems

The main two types of hot water systems mainly in use are available as either an instantaneous or storage tank unit.

Both versions of electric hot water heaters i.e.instantaneous or storage tank unit are available and are in use for domestic as well as commercial use.

Electric instantaneous or instant water heating system

By virtue of their instantaneous nature of working, water is heated instantly as and when it is required by electric instant hot water system.

Since, hot water is not stored; such electric instant hot water appliances consume less energy and hence are cheaper.

These are convenient to operate and you get continuous flow of hot water as per your requirement.

Water heating system with storage tank systems

These are the types of water heating system in which the heating appliances are fitted with a storage tank to store a certain amount of heated water that may be used later in the day.

Utility and preference for electric instant hot water system

The tank less electric instant hot water system is preferred choice for:

  • Homes for use in the kitchen, bathroom or in the laundry
  • Builders and developers due to long span of life, durability,energy efficiency, lower energy bills and cost effectiveness
  • Architects due to ease in accommodating compact water heater appliance in their design

However, plumbers and electriciansrecommend electric instant hot water systemsfor domestic or commercial use.

In addition for large scale infrastructure and government premises, continuous flowing electric instant hot water appliances are also preferred.

As a part of social, moral and environmental responsibility towards water and energy saving besides sustainable living, both private corporate and government sectors attach importance and priority to the installation of electric instant hot water systems.

Advantages of electric instant hot water system in homes

When it comes to choosing a water heating system for your home, you have two options.

You can either opt for a system that storesthe heated water in its tank in anticipation of use or you may install an appliance that gives you continuous flow of hot water instantly with touch of button.

Mostly, people opt for a compact sized tankless electric instant hot water appliance for instantaneous flow of hot water as and when required.

The electric instant hot water systems

  • Being compact, occupy less space
  • Provide instant flow of hot water
  • Consume much less electricity – as these do not require time for heating up water before use
  • Save time and
  • Reduce energy bills

Moreover longer life and sustainability advantages with electric instant hot water systems make them an obvious choice for homes.