Carpets make the restaurant ambiance look lovely with jumbled design and a multitude of colors. Unfortunately, they get dirty quickly because of dirt, food, grease, and other debris can get trapped fairly easily.

Even though the jumbled design and patterns conceal the spots, the development of bacteria and mold reveals the unhygienic situation via unpleasant odors. Customers start to avoid your establishment and even your employee’s health is affected.

Restaurant carpet cleaning is a hard task and needs the right techniques and specialized tools. With the help of Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, you can get it completed.

Tips to take effective carpet care

  • Learn the kind of carpet spread around in your restaurant. Find if there is anything particular that needs to be taken care of. For example, Carpets with long fibers are difficult to clean and need a whole night toil to clean them in comparison to the short fiber ones. Find if your carpets stain easily than the others.
  • At all the restaurant entrances as well as in between the front house and kitchen install walk-off mats. Thus, the dirt from outside is prevented from coming inside the restaurant. Even the grease from the kitchen gets prevented from getting in the front house area.
  • Whenever food gets dropped onto the carpet, remove it and neutralize the leftovers. Steam-clean the carpet or use an anti-bacterial cleaner to disinfect and sanitize the area.
  • Have access to a potent and suitable grease removal system handy. In restaurants, the carpets collect a lot of grease from the particles floating in the air. These get trapped making carpet greasy.
  • Clean the grease using a system regularly to keep the carpet refreshed and increase its durability. Make sure the system clean rapidly without scrubbing.
  • There are specific carpet finishes or sprays, which avert grease or airborne dirt to stick. However, you will still need to clean your carpet regularly.
  • Carpet deep cleaning is a must twice monthly to avoid the buildup of grease and dirt as well as keep its original appearance and smell.
  • Plan a routine carpet cleaning during night time. It will include vacuuming as well as the removal of bacteria.

Ensure to stick to your carpet cleaning routine!