Ever wonder what to do with all the boxes left over from the relocation? Many people don’t think about what to do with the boxes after they’ve completed the relocation.

Here are some quick tips to help you make the post-move process more efficient.

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Some Useful Tips for Your Need:

1. You can store boxes for a future move: Keep the strongest and cleanest cardboard boxes you have for your next move.

Place the empty boxes in a flat place and keep them out of direct sunlight and moisture. You can keep dust out by placing the boxes in heavy-duty trash bags or large plastic bags.

2. Sell the boxes: If you’re certain that you won’t use the boxes within the next year, you might consider selling them for extra cash.

3. Donate boxes: If your boxes are still in good condition and you don’t want to sell them, it can be a great option to give away moving boxes.

Your leasing office can help you determine if there are tenants moving in or out that might be interested in your extra supplies.

4. Donate cardboard boxes in good condition to a charity or community organization.

5. Recycling – Most towns and cities allow you to recycle large quantities of cardboard. You can check online for restrictions, such as how much, what size, and whether the boxes must be flattened.

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