Block paving has quickly become the material of choice for UK homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting and attractive driveway, and for good reason, as block paving ticks all the boxes. The material is semi-permeable, and with drainage installed underneath the driveway, rainwater can naturally drain away, and there are no puddles. Here are 3 of the reasons why your next driveway should be block paved.

  1. Attractive Colours & Patterns– Talk to affordable driveway services Ilkeston and they will show you some images that demonstrate what can be achieved with block paving. The patterns that can be created allow you to make a feature of the driveway, and with the right edging stones, the look is complete.
  1. Extremely Durable Surface– Block paving will outlast any other driveway material, as the blocks are durable and can withstand heavy loads without a problem. You can expect to receive a long warranty with a block paving driveway, and it is very easy to keep clean with a power wash every few months.
  1. Stable in All Weathers– The blocks are semi-permeable, and with the right ground preparation, the driveway will not move, giving you a non-slip surface that will stand the test of time. Ideally, there would be a layer of hard core rolled into shape, which gives the paving a solid foundation, and you can expect your new driveway to stand the test of time.

You only have to look around you to realise that block paved driveways are very popular, and when compared to other materials, block paving offers great value.