When you need extra space in your home, you have two options; either to buy a new home or to make an extension out of your current home. Buying a new home is not an easy affair as it involves a rather lengthy and expensive process.

You first have to find that ideal home for you, and then make the payment not forgetting the fact that you will have to engage movers to move your furniture and belongings to your new home.On the other hand, building an extension is not as hectic as having to get a new home. However, before you decide to create your home extension, below are five factors you need to consider.


Even though building and extension is cheaper than buying a new home, you do not want to start constructing your extension blindly. You have to consider the total cost of building the extension and come up with a budget. Having a budget is crucial because it will help you stay on track in terms of spending hence helping not to overspend. To come up with the right budget for your project, you can consult professional contractors. Be sure to be realistic and honest t yourself as you prepare your budget.

Your neighbors’ opinion

Your neighbors can frustrate you when they start objecting your idea of building an extension. Some may object because you share a wall with them while others may object for the sake of opposing. This can be stressful, especially if you have already started the construction.

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To solve the issue, you can record your conversation with them and then later share the recording with your architect so that they advise you on your next step. Nevertheless, remember to stay calm because you are the one who needs the extra space.

Planning permit

In most instances, a planning permit is required when you are developing your home. Therefore, before you even sit down and come up with a budget, you need to have the planning permission in your hands. In addition to proving you with the permit, the local authority can also advise you on how to build the extension.


Time, just like money is essential. You will have to create a timetable to ensure that your project goes on smoothly. Also, there are considerations that you need to make about time. For example, the project will likely take longer if you are going to stay in the house as the construction continues. Also, the size of the extension will affect the amount of time taken to construct it.

Reason for the extension

Apart from creating extra space in your home, there are many other reasons for building an extension. For instance, you may want to increase the value of your home. If increasing your home value is the reason for the extension, then you have to inquire your current home value the local estate agents before you plan on the kind of extension to build.


The great thing about home extensions is that you spend less money and you get to design it the way you want. Moreover, you can spend the extra money on decorating your extension to your liking. However, before you begin to plan how you are going to build an extension, below are factors that you need to consider.