You might find that your home is starting to feel cramped over the years. It might be the addition of new family members or the fact that there are just more items in your home now than there were before.

Before considering selling your home to look for a bigger one, why not consider expanding your home by renovating the additions below into it?

Outdoor Living Space

Your home can be extended into the outdoor areas as well. An outdoor living space can include water features, a fireplace, a barbecue area, composite decking, and many other furnishing options.

If weather permits, you can dine with your family in this outdoor area and stargaze during the night.

This area would be ideal for most clear days in Australia.! If you add a glass roof overhead, you can relax here on the rainy days as well.

New Storey

You should contact your local council to find out if you can add a new storey to your home if it is located within a township with set designs.

The addition of a new storey would be ideal for a fast-expanding family or additional living areas.

You can create a home office, a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, and many more with this new floor, so make full use of it.


A garage is no longer just a dedicated space for parking your car nowadays. Many families utilize the garage as an outdoor equipment storage space or a mini car workshop as well.

You can also make your garage a multifunctional space as a craft room, a gym, or anything else if you prefer to park your car in the driveway.

In any case, a garage works as a detached living area for the family. It can be purposed to fit any needs that you might have – leave the decoration ideas to your imagination.


If you like having indoor house plants around, having a sunroom would be ideal for you. You can equip the sunroom with large glass windows to allow natural sunlight to stream into the room as an additional room expansion.

Alternatively, you can build on a greenhouse concept, which would primarily utilize aluminum and glass for the construction.

This concept will cost much less than a regular room addition if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Basement Development

A basement does not need to be dark, musky, and spooky. If your home comes with a basement, why not renovate it into an entertainment room for guests?

The basement can be fashioned into a children’s play area, a minibar with a darts or pool table for adults’ entertainment, as well as other ideas.

If you are not looking to create additional guest areas, you can still create a more organized storage area with proper ventilation to avoid moulds and humidity issues.

A fully developed basement would add value to your home should you decide to put it up for sale in the future, so it also works as a long-term investment.

House Bump Out

Maybe you are not looking for a significant addition to your home. In that case, you can consider renovating a house bump out instead.

A house bump is when you add some extra square footage to a pre-existing room to expand just that area.

The most popular areas in your home are the living room and kitchen. And these rooms are often chosen for house bump-outs.

You can transform a small kitchen to a gourmet cooking space and allow a bigger sofa to be placed in the shared space.

House bump-out projects can add areas as little as just four feet wide, to as large as sixteen feet across.

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows add more space to your attic by projecting your roof outwards while also letting in more natural sunlight.

These windows heighten your ceilings, so you can decorate the attic and create a functional working space in this upstairs area.

Dormer windows are also a cheaper expansion idea if you are limited by budget. This construction project only involves projecting a small area outwards rather than constructing a whole new room.

Image source Pexels