Toddlers are amazing to have around the house. They always seem to find new ways to entertain themselves with or without your presence.

This would be ideal if not for the fact that your toddler could be toying with various types of safety hazards around the home.

If you are looking to toddler-proof your home, here are some ways that you can start.

Install Window Guards

Windows are dangerous places for toddlers to be looking over. Where possible, you should keep your windows closed.

However, in instances where you need to keep your windows open, you can install window guards along with some window grilles to ensure that your windows will not open out for more than several inches wide.

For extra precaution, keep your couches, tables, and any other furniture away from the window area to prevent your toddlers from climbing up to the windows.

Childproof Storage Spaces

Keep sensitive items such as your medicine, sharp tools, and other similar objects away from your toddlers.

You can do this by storing these items in a storage cabinet which is located a little higher up. Add a lock to these storage cabinets whenever it is not in use so that nothing will accidentally fall out of these storage cabinets.

Install Safety Gates

If you have stairs around your home or any other areas where you don’t want your toddlers to get to, you may want to install safety gates around your home.

These safety gates will keep your toddlers from stumbling into dangerous zones around your home and give you better peace of mind.

You might also want to install safety gates at your front door so that your toddler won’t be headed out of the house while you’re not focusing.

Get a Learning Tower

Learning towers are perfect for toddlers to reach a higher surface area while exploring their surroundings.

You can adjust the height for this learning equipment, and your toddlers can hold on to the railings at the sides to keep themselves stable while climbing up.

Learning towers are also ideal for parents who are starting to involve their toddlers in their daily activities. Let your toddlers see what you’re doing while they’re using the learning towers.

Create a Safe Sleeping Space

Even your toddler’s sleeping space needs to be considered for baby proofing. Ensure that your toddlers’ beds are flat and firm.

When you are laying your toddler to sleep, they should be asleep on their backs until they learn how to roll over themselves.

Keep pillows, toys, and any other potential suffocation hazards away from the beds.

Utilize Edge Guards

You never know where your toddler might be tripping over as they learn to walk. As such, you’ll need to attach edge guards to sharp corners on your furniture.

These edge guards are softer and more elastic, protecting your toddler from sharp injuries should they fall over sharp corners.

You may also want to consider replacing your glass surfaces with tempered glass options or moving the glass furnishing into rooms closed to your toddler instead.

Anchors on Furniture

Mount your furniture so that they will not fall onto your toddler. This tip is especially essential for items that are placed on TV cabinets or any other lower surfaces where your toddler could reach.

Use velcro straps and fish-eye hooks to keep this furniture mounted to the walls.

Even your dressers, tables and other tall furnishings can pose a safety concern for your toddlers, so why not play it safe and keep your items all mounted against the wall?

Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are dangerous safety hazards for your toddlers. Keep your power strip tucked behind couches or other unreachable areas and attach outlet covers for any electrical outlets within your toddler’s reaching range.

You can also push bigger pieces of furniture in front of these power outlets as an extra layer of protection for your toddlers.

Image source Pixabay