The harsh UK winter is almost over, and this is the time that many UK homeowners look to revamp their outdoor living space, in preparation for the coming summer. A renovation might include the following:

  • Resurface the patio
  • Returf the lawn
  • Creating a major feature

The first thing to decide is the scope of the project by looking at what you have and what you would like to add or replace. You might wish to increase the size of your lawn, and with trusted landscaping services in Bury St Edmunds, anything is possible.

Major Garden Features

If you feel your outdoor living space lacks a special something, why not create a feature? A garden pond with a waterfall is just one of many ideas that spring to mind, and it is also possible to create a split-level rockery that also has a water feature built in. You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination, and very often a major feature can make good use of available resources, which keeps the cost down. Your local landscape gardener can certain make some suggestions, and if you have a firm budget in mind, this will help him.

Think Maintenance

It is important when planning a garden renovation to think about the maintenance, as some people have more time on their hands than others. Concrete, for example, can be used to good effect to create features, and if you don’t fancy mowing the lawn, there is artificial grass.

Talk to your local landscaping contractor who can pay you a home visit and make a few suggestions on how to brighten your garden area up.