Why Artificial Grass is Better for a Playground

There are many types of turf that can be used for children’s play areas, from artificial grass to creeping carpet plants. However, there’s a reason why artificial grass is becoming so popular with usage expected to almost double by 2025.

It is superior to any other type of turf or even natural grass. We’ve listed these benefits to help you better understand why artificial turf for playgrounds is a better choice.

Artificial Grass Is Durable

Artificial grass is very durable, which is important in areas with high traffic, such as playgrounds. The grass in these areas must be able to withstand constant use since children play all day. In just a few days, regular grass will die. Artificial grass is the obvious choice, as it is designed for long-term use.

Low Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

Maintaining natural grass is a difficult task. To maintain a neat appearance, each square foot of grass needs to be watered and fertilized. For parks to accomplish this, they will need a dedicated team to carry out the required tasks.

Artificial grass won’t cause any problems. Cleaning debris and rinsing may be required on occasion. This type of turf requires little maintenance. There is no need to water, use harmful chemicals, or mowers that emit greenhouse gasses.

Erosion Protective

Unwatered grass will turn brown in the summer, exposing the soil to heat. The grass dries, turns into dust, and is carried away by wind or rain. This erosion lowers the quality of the topsoil and increases the need for fertilizers. Artificial grass is not like that. This material forms a solid and firm ground cover that protects the soil. You can protect it from the most severe droughts.

Artificial Grass Is a Safer and Softer Surface

Safety is the main concern for children who will use this turf. Artificial grass is a soft and safe surface for children to play on. Artificial grass is not as rough or scratchy as natural grass and does not contain insects and fleas. Children will also not suffer from as many bruises and abrasions if they fall or slip on the grass.


In shaded areas, natural grass will not grow. It can also be difficult to install in small spaces. In some soils and temperatures, it won’t even grow. Artificial grass doesn’t have these issues. Artificial grass can be shaped and molded to fit any edge. It doesn’t need sunlight to stay green, and it doesn’t care if the soil is rocky or sandy. It can be installed anywhere!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Artificial grass keeps its uniform appearance even after many years of use. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t need to be cut regularly. You can also choose the shade of green you want for your playground. These variations can be arranged to make the grass an interactive element of the playground.

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