How Can You Tell When Your Switchboard Is In Time For An Upgrade?

The switchboard is the central point of your home’s electrical wiring. It is the brain of your home’s electrical system. It receives the mains electricity from the street and distributes it to different places in your home or business.

A fuse box or switchboard is usually located in the front of your home or business. It houses the safety switches, circuit breakers (or MCCBs), and fuses.

As you add new appliances or pool, remodel your wiring, or if it is unsafe or outdated, a switchboard upgrade may be necessary. It is a good idea to contact a Sydney electrician for a free safety audit of your existing switchboard.

Here are 6 reasons why you should upgrade your Switchboard

The backing of the switchboard can be made from wood or asbestos.

This is dangerous! If the materials used to make the fuse box aren’t up to modern standards, the chances of it catching fire or shorting out are much higher.

Your family and workplace are also at risk from asbestos.

2. There is no more space in your switchboard or it is too crowded.

You can’t add circuits to a switchboard or fusebox if there’s not enough space. When you have solar installed, you may need to upgrade your switchboard or do a three-phase power upgrade. This is necessary in order for the electrical apparatus to be serviced. Overloading circuits can pose a serious safety risk.

3. Circuits keep shorting or tripping out.

As the switchboard ages, circuits become more susceptible to trip because they aren’t being powered properly. It could be time to upgrade your switchboard if you have checked all your appliances and found that they are not the problem. There are also more appliances plugged in than ever before, which means that the electrical requirements can be much higher.

4. Ceramic fuses and old fuses.

These types of outdated technology offer limited protection. Safety switches are now required in most states and regions for any new constructions or electrical upgrades. Safety switches provide protection and safety for your business, your family and your employees. It’s much easier to turn the switch back on rather than deal with an electric fire at the end. Safety switches now provide protection against overloading, short-circuiting, and electric shocks.

5. A burning or sparkly smell

You should immediately call an emergency electrician if you detect a burning sensation or sparks. An overloaded circuit or faulty wiring could be the cause. It is extremely dangerous to ignore this problem. Also, you may see melted or blackened fuses. Don’t hesitate to call an expert immediately.

6. Electrical defect notice.

You may need a switchboard replacement or upgrade if your electricity distributor has given you an electrical defect notice.

What is the cost of a switchboard upgrade?

A quote for a switchboard upgrade is dependent on many factors. These variables include:

  • How many circuits are required
  • Materials used to make your current switchboard (e.g. You will need to carefully treat and remove asbestos.
  • If you’re also receiving a three-phase power boost at the same moment
  • What brand of the electrical product was used? You want to choose a well-known brand such as Hager or Clipsal so that you can be sure you are getting the best quality.
  • The type of wiring used in the house as well as whether it needs to be replaced.
  • Do you need to relocate the switchboard?