Home Cinemas are growing in popularity these days. If you are planning to install a world-class cinema room in your home, we have come up with a marvelous example for you.

This installation was completed by home cinema installation experts Custom Controls, which has built up an enviable reputation for its high class installations.

This incredible cinema was created within a room measuring just 6 x 5 meters. This example shows that size does not really matter when it comes to home cinemas, as they can be installed in both big and small rooms. So, if you have a small room and you want to get a cinema installed, it can be done! The size will not adversely affect the quality and feel of your cinema.

This particular installation features a wide 150-inch projector behind which you can keep the acoustic speakers. At the right, left and center, Spitfire 24-12 speakers are placed, and their sound is boosted by the addition of two top quality control 3 subwoofers.

Special attention was given to ensure that the owner gets an unmatched and high-class audio experience. High-quality fabric walls are installed which hide four additional artcoustic speakers (Spitfire 8-4). Additionally, the integration of ARC anthem software assists in the controlling of the calibration and EQ of the room. The software in combination with the speakers mentioned-above work to deliver a phenomenal experience for the cinema room owner. To get a high-quality sound system then invest in the McIntosh brand, this will give you the full home theater experience.

The 4K Sony projector was added, as per the owner’s choice. It features 2000 lumens and gives impressive picture quality with a crystal-clear image. Besides, you can also enjoy the media from Apple TV and Sky TV if you wish.

Moreover, the seating installed makes relaxing in the home cinema a joy. There are two rows of chairs. The front row is made up of single chairs while the back row has relaxed sofa seats. Between the seats, tables are also placed where you can easily keep your snacks and drinks while enjoying your favorite show.

Additionally, a light control system by Crestron is installed which keeps the lamps at a suitable level to provide a pleasant cinema experience. In fact, the Crestron system helps the user to control the whole audio video system via their iPad or smartphone.

Every aspect including the acoustics, visuals, lights and seating is designed to provide the owner with an unmatched experience. If you want to install a home cinema, you can contact the Custom Controls for guaranteed satisfaction – https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/.