We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint, and there are several things you can do at home to reduce your negative impact on the environment, while also saving money. Here are just a few of the changes you can make to save energy at home.

  • Service your Central Heating – With affordable boiler repair in Ealing, you can call the company and book a boiler service, and the chances are that you will reduce your energy consumption as a result. An inaccurate thermostat will certainly cause your fuel usage to increase, and if your boiler has seen better days, you might want to consider replacing it.
  • Install a Digital Shower – If you do away with the bath tub and switch to a digital shower, you can expect to see savings immediately. The amount of water you use with a bath is excessive, and by using a digital shower that heats water on demand, your energy use will be minimised.
  • Boost your Home Insulation – If you have replacement double glazed windows and doors, plus some cavity wall insulation, your interior will retain the heat longer, thus requiring less fuel to maintain the desired temperature. As we all know, hot air rises, so you will need some good loft insulation, and you might also want to consider cavity wall insulation.

Many homeowners are completely unaware that they are using more energy to heat their homes than they should, and with a boiler service, you should see an immediate reduction on your fuel bills.