Swimming pools are an investment. And just like any investment, you want to make sure that they are in tip-top shape and functioning the right way. You would not let your vehicle run without checking every nook and cranny of its engine or let your dogs go without proper grooming. Not doing regular maintenance to your pool is just as harmful as not doing adequate car maintenance.

With a little knowledge about swimming pools, some time and effort, you can keep your precious pool functioning properly and squeaky clean for a long time. If you do not have the necessary time to do the cleaning by yourself, it is vital to hire a reputable professional swimming pool cleaning company who will do the job for you, because regular maintenance is essential.

The importance of taking care of your pool

Owning your very own swimming pool, especially one surrounded by stone pool decks built by Pacific Outdoor Living, can be both relaxing and fun. During the summer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a dip in the cool water of a beautifully crafted pool. Not only does it serve as a personal oasis, but it also becomes a gathering place for you, your family, or friends. With the added elegance and durability of stone pool decks crafted by Pacific Outdoor Living, your pool area is transformed into an excellent venue for cool parties. Invite your friends, neighbors, or co-workers to experience a day of relaxing summer fun in this exquisite setting.

Most of us experienced or have a memory as kids of swimming in public swimming pools during summer. If you are an owner, you can help build lasting memories for your kids or your friends, neighbors or co-workers’ kids.  But like the most fun and exciting things in life, keeping the “party” going takes a little bit of effort and hard work.

Regularly cleaning your swimming pool does not have to be a nightmare task, but it means that you need to take a little time in your busy life to do some cleaning and maintenance. If you are doing regular maintenance you there is a small chance that your pool will experience some severe problems. A well-maintained property can last for many years with small and minor repairs being performed.

But if you disregard doing the maintenance, or put off cleaning them for a while, there is a big chance that you will experience some troubles and can lead to irreversible or severe damages. Pools are a favorite breeding ground for algae, small animals and bugs, especially mosquitos, that can endanger you and your family’s lives if not appropriately addressed.

If you stop doing maintenance, you will find out sooner or later that your precious swimming pool has turned into a nasty lagoon infested with bugs and small animals. Once it got that far, it can cost you valuable time, energy and most importantly, a lot of money to bring it back to its glory days. Another good reason to do regular maintenance is to help you extend the life of your swimming pool.

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If you do not take care of your property or letting your regular maintenance slip, you are cutting its life to one quarter or even half of its expected lifespan. Swimming pools have different parts, and each section requires a different amount of maintenance care. Listed below is one of the most common types of maintenance and why it is essential to the longevity and the health of your property.

Water Balance

The water balance is considered as the most challenging part of the maintenance procedure for the average and untrained homeowners. The water used needs to be chemically balanced to keep the water clean and safe for people to swim in. You do not have to be an excellent chemist to do this by yourself, but owning a good and quality water testing kit and knowing how to use them is one of the best things that you can do for your swimming pool.

Everyone knows that chlorine is used to make the water clear, clean and safe. Having an unbalanced water pH is what makes people’s eyes turn red and sore if you open them up under the water for too long. It is also the reason why your hair turns green after days of swimming in the pool. But chlorine is not the only chemical you need to keep an eye on, to maintain your water balanced.

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The most important job is to keep the water’s pH level as neutral as possible. Maintaining a stable pH is balancing between several chemicals and their effects when nature and weather come into play. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause chlorine to evaporate more quickly, requiring homeowners to perform more regular chlorine treatment maintenance. During the rainy season, the pH may drop because of the rain’s acidity. The reactions of different chemicals in the water in the pool liner as well as in the compounds can affect the water’s pH level.