So, considering to have natural stone tiles in your house, you probably have come across stone enhances and stone sealers.  Now, you are wondering what the real difference between the two is. To simply understand, the stone sealer ensures a strain-resistant barrier. On the other hand, stone enhancers bring about the natural beauty of stones.

What Is A Stone Stealer?

This type of sealing acts as a barrier to the stone, which further prevents the staining by presenting you extra space to clean up the spill, which otherwise would soak in the stone, contributing to big damage. Yes, no sealer can ensure you 100% fool-proof stain-resistant, but significantly increase the reaction time to deter the stone containment. In simple words, if the stone is sealed then the stain problem can be reduced significantly. Ideally, the stone needs to be sealed once every one to every three years.

Selecting A Stone Stealer?

To achieve amazing stain resistance results, select the best stone sealer that provides greater reaction time and can resist a wide selection of contaminants. This is of great importance to know there are typically two broad categories of natural stone sealers widely popular in the market. The first time being the impregnator sealer, this is crafted to be soaked when it applied to the stone. Moreover, the best part about this sealer type is that they do not impact the stone surface appearance.

On the other hand, the second type of stone sealer is known as the surface sealer. As the name suggests, this type of sealer fixes the stone surface, so it is highly important that the surface must have a textured surface for easy application. As a result, it is not best suited for materials such as marble and granite. This stone sealer will add to the overall look of the vehicle, so you have to keep this in mind when selecting the sealer.

What Is A Stone Enhancer?

Unlike the stone sealer, the stone enhancer does not provide any sort of barrier to the stains. However, there are several options available in the market, where there is a combination of the stone enhancer and stone sealer. The enhancer is applied to the stone to add a stroke of style and class to the overall appeal of the stone’s look. Most of the homeowners just love the way the tile looks when the tiles are wet, so to accomplish great style, it is best to invest in the enhancer.

It is highly advisable to surf your local market, compare the quotes of more than one sandstone sealer company to find a trustworthy sealer. Also, talk to your known for their honest piece of mind with regards to the best sealers nearby.