From selecting the type of glazing to obtaining aids for energy renovation, do not miss any step for a powerful and economical window change. Follow the tips:

Type of glazing: identify your needs

Double glazing, triple glazing, sound insulation or burglar-resistant glass: how to choose? It all depends on your requirements. The transition from single to double glazing will amply satisfy your expectations for thermal comfort and energy savings. If necessary, book the triple glazing facades facing north. Depending on your budget, you can also opt for a glass with sound attenuation properties or a burglar resistant laminated glass (recommended for windows and windows on the ground floor). With the windows and doors replacement in vaughan now you can have the best deals.

Window frame: select the best material for your home

Choose your joinery by comparing the benefits of each material:

  • PVC offers excellent value for money. Robust, it adapts to all environments and is particularly resistant to sun, pollution and sea air.
  • For large windows, or even windows, prefer aluminum. Just as strong, it does not rust and withstands severe weather. Aluminum fits perfectly with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Wooden frames will be more suitable for a warm interior. Natural insulation, the wood offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance. The disadvantage of this material is that it needs to be maintained.
  • For the undecided, there are windows combining wood and aluminum. Combining the benefits of both materials, the alloy is however more expensive.

Number of windows: prefer living rooms and bathroom

  • No need to isolate all of your windows for a daily comfort gain. If your budget is limited, you can already have double glazing in the rooms where you spend the most time.
  • Identify the weak points of your home in order to improve its insulation thanks to the website free diagnostic tool.
  • Solar factors and degrees of insulation: adapt the technical characteristics to the exposure of your windows

After identifying the windows to be changed, consider the technical characteristics according to the exposure:

Exposed windows north: your priority is to reinforce the level of insulation of these walls. For this, go to the glazing with the lowest thermal coefficient (UGu). For example, double glazing generally allows dividing by 2 the thermal coefficient compared to a single glazing.

Exposed windows south: maximize the heat gains provided by sunshine by favoring a high solar factor (SW). Make sure you can limit excessive intake in the summer by using blinds or exterior shutters.

Choose your craftsman: trust the signs of quality

In energy renovation, the signs of quality differ depending on the type of work. When replacing your windows, rely on the EGR qualification and quality signs such as Qualibat. The qualification RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) attests a regular control of the technical knowledge and skills of the craftsman in a specific field of work. It also allows you to deal with an interlocutor who knows the financial support schemes for energy renovation. He will therefore be able to direct you on the performance criteria required for the eligibility of your work.