Every day we generate more waste, and this is a problem. Despite taking out the trash from home every day, and trying to keep the bucket clean, it is inevitable that over time the household garbage can give off bad odors. And it is that, until we begin to notice it, it is one of the tasks that we tend to forget in the cleaning of the home.

However, if we give it the attention it deserves, and we take care of its cleanliness from time to time, getting it ready again will be a matter of minutes.

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Within daily maintenance, it is one of the things we pay less attention to. But cleaning the garbage can is more necessary than we could imagine .

If we do not perform a thorough cleaning, it can become a focus of many bacteria due to the remains of dirt and moisture that can harm our health. But don’t worry, we tell you what to do!

Steps to clean the garbage can

To begin, it is important to put on plastic gloves to protect our hands from bacteria.

After emptying the bucket, with a damp sponge or cloth, we must pour a cleaner all over the surface. With this, rub inside and out, insisting on the corners and recesses to remove any residue.

If you prefer not to use toxic products you can use white vinegar. If the trash can is metal, use a special product.

If you have not cleaned it for a long time, or it has a lot of residue stuck, let the product act for a few minutes to make it easier to remove them later.

Then, we will rinse it very well and dry with absorbent paper. Do not forget to perform this last step. Although it does not seem too important, it is necessary to do it conscientiously because moisture favors the proliferation of bacteria.

Keep the trash can clean!

It is advisable to follow these steps every fifteen days and throw the garbage daily , even if the bag is half full. But, in addition, we give you some tips to clean the garbage and keep our house as clean as possible.

Having a bucket with a lid and a pedal , especially in the kitchen, will help you prevent bad odors from getting out and getting dirty when you throw away the waste, especially food scraps. If you are inside a dark and fresh furniture, even better.

Try to use appropriate bags , because using too small or thin ones will cause the bag to break and the bucket to get dirty, and even the rest of the house.

Avoid throwing waste with liquid to not generate moisture. Clean them before, as far as possible, so that it does not accumulate in the background. If you want, you can put a piece of absorbent paper to absorb and protect the bucket and prevent the creation of germs.