There are several options when it comes to purchasing natural fibre rugs. There are rugs that are made of bamboo, seagrass, and hemp. They are the best for families who have kept pets. Talking about jute, it is a natural fibre that has been derived from the corchorus plant. It is generally used for the purpose of home decor from rugs to upholstery. It is often known as the golden fibre because it has a silky nature and is found in abundance in Bangladesh and India. Jute has a natural beige colour that makes it good masking the stains. Moreover, it can be vacuumed easily and if one needs to clean it then soap and water can be used.

Jute rugs are very affordable and eco friendly and moreover, they are recyclable and biodegradable. Here are certain advantages of buying jute rugs:

  • Best for the high traffic areas: If someone is looking for the perfect rug for a high traffic area like for drawing room then jute is the best option. It stands wear and tear the best. Also, if you own a pet then you must proceed with caution as it cannot absorb odour and dampness. So for that, buying some other fibre is a good alternative.
  • Forms the best layer: jute rugs complement almost every kind of aesthetic sense and offer the best versatility from traditional to modern styles. The customers can blend the jute rugs with any kind of decor or styling that they like. Jute rugs are the best suited to everything. The layering rug is best suited for large seating areas or where you require a cozy vibe. Moreover, it provides a foundation for floating furniture in the open-concept spaces. The interior designers rely on this technique in order to make everything look more spacious.
  • Best patterns: jute’s natural colour is beige and many retailers are currently experimenting with the colourful rugs in patterned styles that also include chevron and stripes. If you desire to add texture and personality to your living space then a patterned jute rug is the best way to do it.
  • Best for the rooms with light flooring: The only disadvantage of jute is that its fibres easily shed off, therefore. It is best if you keep the jute rugs on a light coloured flooring. There they would be less noticeable. For minimizing shedding, a rug pad can be used.

Jute is the best material in natural materials for home decor. It is not only easily affordable but also has many advantages. It is resistant to wear and tear thus being the most desirable option for most of the families. In case anyone is looking for some natural materials to mix with their home decor then it is probably the first option. Despite certain disadvantages, it continues to be the most searched material in home decor due to its ability to merge and complement every style. So if you are looking for something aesthetic, you are at the best place.