CCTV cameras can be a good addition when it comes to improving the overall security of your home. They provide you with peace of mind as you’re stress-free that there is a camera, acting as your personal digital security guard. However, tech has evolved rapidly in the last few years, and as we all know, adapting to new tech is a need of the hour. CCTV cameras are interesting, but do you have a surveillance camera system that is full of wires? If the answer is yes, then it is about time that you upgrade to something modern, wireless.

A wifi camera would not only reduce the abundance of wires, but it will also make surveillance much more streamlined. In addition, many of the CCTV cameras that you will come across nowadays are wireless. They are also increasingly popular because these devices are so much easier to install and enable you to have a better range of placement options.

These wifi cameras are able to shun out the heavy dependency on wires because they work seamlessly with your home’s broadband connection. They are also well connected to your smartphone or tablet via the internet and pave the way for a security camera system that is easier to manage and control for all, even if you have just started out on your CCTV for home journey.

What are the features of a Wi-Fi CCTV camera?

Here are some of the features you can get out of a wifi-based security camera:

  1. A smarter wifi CCTV camera system will help you track down criminals or wrongdoers much better than the wired CCTV cameras. Since most of the recording is in HD and can also be viewed on smartphones, they are way more convenient than the traditional cameras.
  2. Connectivity to the internet also means that you can view and survey the surroundings of your home in real time.
  3. If you are new to enhancing your home security, then a wireless option definitely does sound much better than the wired alternatives.
  4. Wifi-based surveillance systems also pack in some state-of-the-art tech – night vision capabilities, motion and person detection and many more features.

Where can I get a good wifi CCTV camera?

There is a wide variety of options in the market if you are looking for some of the best and feature-rich wifi security cameras. However, in our opinion, the Airtel Xsafe cameras are the leader in the current market and fairly so, given what they offer at such attractive price ranges.

The Airtel wifi CCTV camera offers you indoor and outdoor options, so that your security needs are always prioritised. Moreover, these devices are all equipped with the features that we mentioned above (and plenty more). Hence, if you are looking for good value-for-money deals with your CCTV camera, Airtel would be great.

Getting an Airtel Xsafe camera is a complete experience – the officials will guide you on what you need, provide you with all the information and help you understand how it works. Try it out now!