Additional dwelling units are booming in popularity as a way to provide extra living space, bring in additional rental income, and combat a growing housing crisis in many cities. However, ADUs can be a costly expenditure for many homeowners. Due to this, they often seek to build JADUs to save money, but how much does a junior ADU cost?

Your Decisions Impact Cost

Like with building an ADU yourself, the cost of building a JADU varies from project to project. Your design tastes will play a huge role in how much your project is going to cost in the end. The more complex the design, the higher the bill.

Also, the size of your JADU will affect cost. Bigger JADUs will require more materials to build, making them more expensive. Who you choose as your contractor affects price, and what finish materials you use also do.

Finally, the way you decorate your unit with ADU appliances and furniture will also have a huge impact on cost. So, the total cost of your JADU will be mostly up to you.

JADU Cost Ranges

As we just mentioned, there are too many variables involved to give you an exact number of how much your JADU development will cost. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to above $100,000. Where you fall in this range is completely up to you.

It is important to note that a $20,000 JADU is not common. This only occurs if the stars align perfectly for you and you already have room in your house with an existing outside door that just needs a kitchenette added.

Most people are probably going to have to add square footage to their home, not just convert an existing room. Therefore, they will fall more in the $60,000 range.

Remember Your JADU Budget

To determine your JADU costs, you should create a budget from the start. Take into account all the costs and make a firm budget to stick to. People without budgets often end up spending more money than people with a budget.