You probably don’t pay too much attention to the type of mattress you are buying because you can only try it at the store and if it feels good you will get it. This method doesn’t always prove right because you don’t know if it will feel great for a longer period, and you are looking for something that will last for years. So, it is important to know your taste and what suits you the best.

Not only the type but also where you buy it matters. Your sleep is one of the most important things of your day because it will determine how good you will feel starting the day. There are disadvantages and advantages of buying it at the store and online and you can find more information in Rand Paul 2010 article. The Internet is full of information that can help you determine which one is the best for you.

Where to Buy?

There are two ways you can get a new mattress and that’s from a store and online. When you go to the store you will probably have more options and you can try it on the spot. This can be good because you will know instantly if you like it or not, but there is a downside. It may feel overwhelming and you may rush into something that, later on, seems like a wrong choice. A good tip is to always shop when there is a sale because they can save you a lot of money.

Where to Buy the Best Mattress

You will need 10 minutes per product to figure out if you really like it which can’t be done when you buy online. But, there are many advantages of buying online like not dealing with a salesman. When it comes to trying it out, buying online is better because you will have a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. The disadvantage is that you will have to do everything about setting it up.

What’s Your Taste?

There isn’t one best that fits everyone because people have different taste. You can choose from adjustable, foam, and innerspring. If you want it to be bouncy, which usually kids love because they can jump on it, you should go with innerspring type. For those who like it firmer, the best choice is latex or memory foam mattress. You can check the thickness and density in order to see how deep you will sink when you lay on it.

Many people like to change it up and use something different like the air-filled type. A great thing is now we have the technology to control the air inside, so you can modify it by your needs. It is usually recommended for heavy sleepers. Read more on this page.

Type of Sleeper

Most people that sleep on their side can’t do it on most beds. You’ll need something that suits your shape. Innersprings can be great if they have pressure relief points. The foam is the most important part of it, the softer the better. If you are a stomach-sleeper don’t ever take a mattress with memory foam because it will feel awful. The best support would be a firmer bed. You can consider air-filled mattress, dense innerspring or firm foam.

For those who sleep on their back, you should find something in the middle that will support your spine and keep it in alignment. There isn’t the best type of these people, so you can just try them out and figure out which one feels the best. If you have a partner and they move a lot in their sleep, it can be annoying, so you would like a mattress with pocketed coils. Other like dual-chamber, latex, or memory foam can work also.

When is the Time to replace it?

Before you buy it, you should check if there is return policy. Most of them that you buy online will have 30 days of free trial which is very useful. And remember to maintain it because they won’t take it back if there is something wrong, even a stain. Depending on the type and quality, most of them will last from 5 to 10 years. This doesn’t have to be the point where you want to change it, there can be other factors. If you sleep better at hotel, than there’s something wrong with your mattress at home. Use a mattress protector to expand its lifespan.