Colour is a powerful tool that can be used to change the perception of your commercial building. Consider a coffee shop, for example. It will benefit from relaxing colours like blue or green to encourage a relaxing atmosphere. If you have a more formal environment, try to use warm colours such as red, orange or yellow. These colours should be used sparingly, though, as they can be overwhelming when used in large quantities.

Visualize your office with colour

Once you have decided on the colour scheme for your commercial building, it’s time to start visualizing what it might look like. There are many tools that you can use to help you determine the best colour for your commercial building. Below are some of them:

Room designer – With this tool, you can pick from different wall and floor textures, then choose from hundreds of paint hues to see how they will look in the room. You can even add furniture and appliances to further customize the experience.

Colour visualizer – This tool allows you to upload photos of your space and instantly see how it would look in all kinds of different colours and patterns.

Online colour calculators – There are several online calculators that can help you decide on the best colour for your commercial building.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right colour palette for your commercial building. Colour can affect mood, and even change the way customers perceive your brand. Choose carefully and you could give your business a competitive advantage.

Color Selection

The best way to select a color scheme is to work with an experienced color consultant. A professional will be able to look at a room and select the most advantageous colors for that room. They can also determine how different colors will interact with each other and make suggestions on how color schemes will complement one another. If you already have a color scheme in mind speak with your designer about whether it can be achieved within the design parameters of your commercial building. You can contact for more information.

Tonal Matching

When selecting paint use tones that are close to one another in value, or in other words, not too far apart on the color wheel. The human eye tends to be drawn towards the center of the wheel where there is a high concentration of colors. To avoid having your customer’s attention drawn away from what is important, such as your product, try to use fewer hues or lighter values from the color wheel when selecting paint for your commercial building.