How to Deal with a Blocked Drain


Ask any seasoned homeowner what is their greatest fear and the chances are a blocked drain will be top of their list. Aside from the awful odour, a blocked drain can result in serious property damage, and if you should experience a partial of total drain blockage, here is some important advice.

  • Call In a Professional Drain Cleaning Company – Of course, there are drain clearing products that you can buy from any hardware store, but first you have to locate the blockage before you can do anything. With affordable drain clearance in Bristol, you don’t have to worry about locating the blockage, as the experts use CCTV cameras that they feed into the drainage system, which gives the technician a close-up view.
  • Don’t Flush or Run Water – This is very important, as you do not want waste to back up inside the home. If the blockage occurs outside of regular working hours, don’t worry, as the drain clearance specialist always have an emergency number you can call. If the specialist is local, he should be there within half an hour, and you are advised to check whether or not they have a call-out charge for emergency situations.
  • Prepare the Area – If at all possible, remove furniture and other items that might hinder the technician. Of course, this might not be possible if you have no idea where the blockage is located, but either way, the drain clearance specialist has the know-how and the equipment to make short work of any drain blockage.

It might be a good idea to source such a company before you have the need, which will save you time should the worst happen.