The sectional doors are formed by panels that slide vertically through guides along a rail until they are horizontal to the ceiling. That is, it is a type of opening that adapts to the inclination of the ceiling. In this post you can learn how to install a sectional door for your garage.

What Materials do you need to Install a Sectional Door in the Garage?

When installing a sectional door, it is recommended to install a roof motor adapted to the weight and dimensions of the door. The advantage of the sectional opening is that it does not take up space either in or out of the garage, although you should pay attention to possible obstacles on the roof. In addition, it offers a high level of thermal insulation, you can also hire professional for garage door repair services in Ottawa.

How to install a Sectional door for your Garage?

  1. Measure the Hole where the Garage Door is to be Installed.
  2. Mount the pre-Frame: For this, the pre-frame is plumbed, which are the two vertical metal bars attached to a horizontal one that will serve as a fastener for the wall jambs. Does it with the help of wedges and a level? Point out where the drills will go to hold it later.
  3. Mount the main Frame: In this step you have to mount the vertical and curved guides of your garage door frame. These should be attached to the verticals of the previous pre-frame and the rear bar that gives the structure a ‘U’ shape and will remain in the form of a goal when the guides are joined. Help yourself from the level and a ladder.
  4. Position the rear bar to square the corners: Attach the guides to the ceiling and if the structure is not square, the panel can rub on the guide and will not raise the sectional door later.
  5. Put the braces that go to the ceiling: Do it with the help of angles already drilled and in the form of ‘T’ that are attached to the ceiling. Use the subway to place them. These will square the hole so that it does not unseat the door. To fasten them you can use expansion screws if you face the concrete on the roof, as they will be well secured. If you use normal screws, make sure they are of the correct size and you can introduce a chemical support by applying them at the same time as the screws. In this way it will grip the roof more strongly and the entire structure will not balance over time.
  6. Place the shafts and bearings on the vertical rail: Does it with the help of the screwdriver? You must place the shaft ends on the side bearings and fix the center support of the shaft to the front. This will be installed one on each side with the bearings. Do not forget to place the rubber bands. You have to assemble the panels and fasten the hardware to their hinges with what the manufacturer will have provided in the assembly kit. Leave some slack with the wheels when you place them on top of each other.
  7. Press and Calibrate: The cables have to pass through the pulleys and hold it with 10mm calibrated rounds to give adequate pressure to the springs. The same piece may be contained in the kit to give pressure and secure it to the spring. The cables will be tensioned to the rollers. At this point you can push up all the side panels and check them.

You can always complement your garage door repair services in Ottawa with an engine that facilitates access to your home and provides security through the brake booster, which locks your door in case you try to force its opening.