Chimneys are one of the oldest architectural features found in houses throughout the country. Chimneys allow smoke to escape from the house during the winter months as you light a fire in the fireplace. Now, modern fireplaces are generally quite efficient and don’t release as much smoke, but you have to understand that appropriate chimney maintenance is still necessary.

For instance, you will want to hire a local company to visit your place and inspect the chimney regularly to identify any major signs of damage. Here are a few simple tips for chimney maintenance:

  • Install a fireplace damper
  • Figure out when the chimney needs to be swept
  • Hire a professional to inspect the chimney
  • Check the waterproofing of your chimney

The chimney sweep cost in Orpington will vary depending on the amount of creosote and soot build-up inside. Here’s what you need to do to maintain your chimney.

Why Is Sweeping Necessary?

If the chimney is not swept on a regular basis, the soot is going to build up consistently, until there’s limited space available for the smoke to blow out. When that happens, you will notice charring on the ceiling as well as the smoke that starts blowing inside the house. Sweeping is necessary to maintain clean airways.


The structural integrity of your chimney could also be affected over time, so hiring a professional to inspect it carefully is equally important. You have to make sure that you hire the right professionals for the job for complete peace of mind.