Moving home can be a challenge, but if you take each stage step by step, you shouldn’t run into any major difficulties. Here are some important tips to follow during preparation time.

Write a Detailed Inventory List

The first thing you should do prior to moving is create a thorough inventory list, this way you won’t forget anything, and you’ll know if anything goes missing during the relocating process. Although it takes time, you’ll be happy you made it when you arrive at your new home.

Remove the Rubbish

When moving to a new premise, you should get rid of all the things you don’t need. In Lewisham, Removals experts will tell you that moving to a new place gives you the perfect opportunity to bring the essentials and clear out the rest. Instead of dragging along and paying for the transport of useless items, only take the good stuff with you. Here are some ideas about what to do with the rest:

  • Give unwanted items to charity
  • Attend a car boot sale and sell your possessions
  • Put unused items up for sale on the internet
  • Give them to neighbours, friends & family

Label Boxes

Labelling boxes saves time, confusion and money. All you need is a black marker and you are ready to tag each one of your possessions. Instead of a black marker, you can use colour markers or colourful stickers to help you distinguish specific items.

This article has mentioned some of the more important steps to take before preparing your belongings for removal, there are several others to consider.