How To Prepare Your Furniture For A Move


Moving is always a stressful event in anyone’s life. It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to properly pack your things and head on out to a new location. It is even worse when you are full of bulky furniture that you still want to take with you on your move.

However, there is a way to make things a little easier on you. Whether or not you choose professional services like Bill Removalists Sydney or you want to do things on your own, you can follow these steps to prepare your items for a fast and smooth move.

  • Make A List

No matter how many or how little you choose to move with you, making a list is a certified way of ensuring a smoother flow of things. So, before you even begin separating items from each room or start packing and labeling, make an inventory of all the items you currently have. During this stage, don’t think about items that you want to give out or donate to a shelter. Just make a complete list of everything. Once you have written it all down, then you can start making adjustments. Make a separate list for everything you want to donate and recycle and another one for all the things that will be included in the move. By following this system, you can start your moving preps in an organized manner.

  • Measure Passageways

Before you start moving things around in a certain room, you should first measure all the doorways and hallways. This will allow you to be more strategic when you start moving things out. Measure all the pathways and list it down so you can have a reference once the moving day comes. This system will also let you prepare furniture for disassembling ahead of time. You can also find out which passages are better for certain furniture.

  • Have Tools And Equipment Ready

Even if you are enlisting professional Removalists Albury at Bill Removalists Sydney, you need to be prepared with select tools that will be useful in disassembling furniture. Aside from the usual screwdrivers and wrenches, you should also be ready with large plastic bags, boxes, tape, and permanent markers.

  • Disassemble What You Can

If you are in a hurry to move, you should consider disassembling certain pieces yourself. This will allow a faster move time once your removalists come in the day of the move.

  • Pack Smart

There are so many ways how you can pack your things, but the most important method is always to pack smart. Be strategic in how you disassemble and pack items into boxes or plastic bags. If certain items seem tedious to disassemble, consider packing it in one piece as long as it fits the moving van or truck. Aside from that, ensure that tiny parts and pieces are secured to where it came from. Place screws in a small plastic bag and tape it on the furniture it belongs. Also, label everything. It might be an extra task on your list, but labeling will also help you unpack faster and more conveniently after.

Final Thoughts

Furniture, especially larger ones, usually require a team of extra helpers to make moving a lot faster and easier. Consider hiring a professional moving team so you can have a stress-free move.