With some home improvement projects being costly, it is easy to see why many people wait until the last minute to replace their windows. But how do you know when is the right time to change your windows and fit a newer model? Experts who specialise in door & window furniture in SE20 suggest looking for clear signs of damage or deterioration before you call a professional. There are several good reasons to install new windows on your property, here is just a small sample of the many benefits:

  • Lower HVAC costs
  • More comfort
  • Noise reduction
  • Better light exposure & view
  • Reduced condensation

You don’t have to be a professional to know when you need to replace your windows, you just need to know the signs. These tips will help you identify when it is time to call a window replacement specialist to assess the condition of your windows.

Sounds of the Outdoors

If your windows provide poor protection from outdoor noise, you may need to upgrade them to a newer model. Double glazed windows provide insulated solutions that offer excellent noise reduction properties.

Feeling a Breeze

Are you feeling a draft coming from your old windows? If the answer is yes, there could be an issue with substandard installation, damage, faulty seals or more. The best way to tell would be to call a professional.

Reduced Functionality

Windows that weren’t fitted correctly tend to experience balance issues, this leads to difficulty closing, opening and locking them.