If your bathroom tiles are looking a little jaded and you are planning a revamp, you might be surprised to learn that tiling is not as easy as it looks. When you watch a pro tiler at work, the tiles seem to just fall into place, yet like most skilled trades, preparation is the key to installing tiles like a professional. Here are a few tips on how best to prepare for a tiling project.

The Right Tools & Equipment

Prior to starting work, you should have all of the following at hand:

  • Professional tile cutter– This device ensures that every cut is perfectly square, and it is very easy to use – simply slide the tile against the backstop and slide the cutter up to the point you wish to make the cut. If it all seems a little too complicated, there is an affordable tiling company in Westminster who would be happy to complete the work.
  • Adhesive Trowel – A tiling trowel has serrated edges, which helps to spread a very thin film of adhesive on to the substrate, ready for the tile. Don’t apply any more than about one square metre of adhesive onto a wall of floor, which will give you ample time to affix the tiles before the adhesive sets.
  • Spirit Level– An essential tool, a spirit level will ensure that the tiling is level, and whether tiling the floor or wall, you should use the level often.
  • Rubber Mallet– Once the tile is in position, gently tap it down on all corners and in the centre, which will ensure a tight fit.

You will also need a couple of buckets, one for the adhesive and one for the grout, and by clearing a space to work and taking your time, the tiling should look like it was professionally installed.

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