If you are planning to design a kitchen, IKEA is a pioneer. The kitchen keys they provide are affordable as well as stylish, and can sustain for several years. However, you might want to add a few unique designs, some extra flairs that can make your guests stand in awe. Several ideas, updates, and add-ons you can try in your kitchen to make it a personalised high-end appearance. Some of these kitchen hacks are cheap and affordable.

Install New Handles

Installing new handles is a cheap and exciting way to give an updated look to your kitchen doors. IKEA provides affordable handles like the Osternas leather handles. You can also opt for the traditional ones. You can look for handles and knobs that can fit the IKEA doors in the market.

Paint your Kitchen doors

Get your kitchen doors painted to give it a new look. You can paint your own kitchen doors, and such an initiative will greatly reduce the cost of services. The current trend of IKEA metod kitchen doors is the two-colored mix. You can paint the bottom portion with a dark color, and then complement it with a white or a bright hue for the top region.

Add Wallpapers to your kitchen cabinets

Although painting the cabinets is a good choice, it can prove to be cumbersome if you choose a complex design. Rather, you can opt for a wallpaper depicting the design of your choice on the kitchen cabinets. It is advisable that you wallpaper either the lower cabinets or the wall cabinets; too much addition will make your kitchen look cringy. You can also add wallpapers to the back of the glass-fronted cabinets, which will make it look mesmerizing.

Adjust for open shelvings by getting rid of doors

To give a new look to your kitchen, you can take off the doors from the shelves. Apply eye-catching hues to the interior of the shelves. You can decorate those shelves with every crockery and accessory that you have in your kitchen. Such decorated open shelves will add a fresh look.

Remove all the top cabinets

If you do not need every top cabinet for storage, remove and replace them with shelving. Such a move will save more space and work better for small kitchens.

Everyone wants their kitchen to look great. When you can do it at a low price, why not go for it? You can also try out IKEA metod kitchen style, which is the latest in the market. Such modifications will always attract the eye of your guest, and you will be the talk of the town.