Your RV should be comfortable and user-friendly, whether you use it all the time or just occasionally. We have put together a few ideas to  breathe new life into your outdated RVs, without breaking the bank. Plus, there are plenty of places you can buy camper remodel supplies. Here are some ideas:

Simple and Easy Updates

Updating your RV does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Give the space a make-over by changing the curtains, adding some new throw pillows, and placing rugs on the floor. Recovering furniture using slipcovers can allow for a completely updated look and make an old piece of furniture look new again. Give the RV some personal touches like hanging artwork or adding house plants. Wallpaper or paint can also be an inexpensive way to update the interior of an RV and can give it a whole new personality. 

Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling an RV can be a bit more expensive, but the new look and style will be well worth the money spent. Old furniture and flooring can be replaced, areas can be repurposed entirely, or storage solutions can be added to give an RV new life or just a much-needed update.

If the floors are old and worn out or a new look is desired, replace the old flooring with new vinyl flooring. The different types and designs available make the possibilities for a new look endless! 

Carpets can be replaced to give an updated feel. Paint the cabinets to create an entirely new look for the interior. Use light colors to open the space up and make it seem larger and brighter or choose a darker hue for a cozier feel. Another update that can thrust an RV into modern times is to change out the plumbing and light fixtures. Trends change and replacing old, out of date lighting or fixtures can make an RV seem brand new and modern. All of these ideas can be completed with camper remodel supplies from any local hardware store.

Repurposing Space

Turn an unused or underused area into something more useful. RVs can be updated to suit the needs of the owner. Convert the dining area into a media space by removing the old table and chairs and adding recliners and mounting a TV on the wall. Make room for an office or a gym or expand the kitchen to make an old RV seem new and breathe new life into space. New, modern furniture can be added to create a useful space. Bring in a cart with a solid top with storage underneath — and you have a usable table with storage facility. 

RV Storage Ideas

Storage is often at a premium in RVs. You can update an RV’s storage capabilities in many ways: add a hanging rack on the inside of a cabinet door to hold a trash can, paper products, and wraps, or lids to pots and pans or storage containers; Use hanging shoe racks anywhere in the RV to store small items. Velcro can be useful to keep things in place and out of the way. Hanging baskets or bags are another idea and can be very handy in the kitchen to store fruits and vegetables; it can be used in the bathroom to hold extra toilet paper or toiletries. A magnetic spice rack is a great way to store spices while leaving cabinet space free for larger items. Use storage racks in the cabinets to add extra shelving for pantry items and food storage.