There are various factors for a house to sit on the market racking days without finding the right buyer. Some factors which you can control and some you cant while sell house fast. To sell a house fast you have to do many things.

First the price factor

As every house will be sold if it is priced correctly and this one should tower above every other category on the list as it is far and away from the most important factor. Every house is sellable if it is priced accordingly and the most common reasons an owner over prices a house are:

The house owner is not realistic about the house’s correct market value. For example, an owner may have overvalued improvements made to the house that does not translate to an increase in value. Yet the price of their house as if it has.

The homeowner has misinterpreted the market survey data and too many sellers price their home based on neighborhood averages rather than looking at the true competition relative to their house.

Pricing of the house that will be too high to make room to negotiate and there will be a common misconception that you should price your house higher than you expect to sell in order to create negotiating room for the lower offer of the house.

Second is availability

As a seller, you have to make sure to show your house when it needs to be shown. It can be difficult to keep your house ready to show at many times or grab the kids and scram for 20 minutes to let someone come and look. It is really important for you as this will maximize your chances of selling your house. Many people follow this factor to sell a house fast. People can be fickle and time constrained, so if you turn them away, then there is a good chance they move on to another house in your area only.

Another factor is proper cleaning

Many buyers usually select a house with far fewer upgrades than another in the same neighborhood because it felt like a much nicer house. So it is your duty to make all the upgrades which are necessary and then show them to the buyer. No one will buy a house which has lots of issues, so it is your responsibility to get rid of the problems which have to be fixed.