There are several ways to get drinking water. Among them, there is a tap water’s filtering. Is it complicated? Does it pay off? How to use it in a daily life? We will try to answer these and other questions in the following article.

Alternatives of filtered water

One option is to use water from the well. In many places it can be a very easy and good idea to get healthy water. But, there are such cases in which we have no influence on its quality. Deep water is an undeniable source of rich components. Because of the urbanization and numerous sprays, the soil absorbs many hazardous and harmful substances and pollutants. In the result, we cannot be sure- without proper survey- and judge ourselves that water from the well is suitable to give it for us, and to children. We should not panic but monitoring water condition is an undeniable necessity.

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Another idea is a bottled water which is available in shops. It has certificates and gives us the opportunity to choose freely – mineral water, low-sodium, spring water. The disadvantage is the fact that the plastic particles from which the bottle is made enter water. Research shows that there are two times more than in tap water.

What about filtering?

The goal of the process is to purify water from rust, sand, chlorine and excess of some elements. Filters are made for this and several kinds are placed on Dafi’s website. They have many functions- some enrich the water with additional amounts of magnesium and calcium, while others improve the pH of the water when we fight acidification of the body caused by a diet rich in, among others, meat products.

Filtering improves the taste of prepared meals. The cost of the filter which should be exchanged once a month ( or depending on the amount of filtered water) starts from 2.64 USD in the case of the bottle and it is the same with flow fliters which we assemble directly on home installations. We will pay a little bit more for a filter for a Dafi pitcher – about 3.4 USD. Healthy, tasty, fresh and easy available water is worth each price and if we can get it in such an easy and affordable way, it is worth to try.

Filtering equipment from Dafi

If we want to filter water we have to use proper products and they are also made of plastic. But, it has to be added that its composition is devoided of Bisphenol A. It also means that bottles, pitchers, carafes and juicers- which can be found in the offer of the producer Dafi – they are not single use. They can be washed and used at will. This is a very practical solution. Wide range of capacities of these appliances makes them convenient in the transport.

A Dafi bottle without any problem will suit in your child’s backpack. The child will not have to carry extra kilos – a bottle can filled at school.