Let’s be frank enough and ask ourselves. Is it difficult to live without water heaters? And most of the answers would be no. And that’s the only reason we need to repair our water heaters leakages so that nothing severe can happen in the future.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional, tankless, or solar water heater, the only concern is that, you shouldn’t live with the mourning of failing to perform your types of equipment. I understand that spending lots on money to get the best heaters and when it is most needed, it stops its effectiveness. And all it does is disheartens you by boosting your electric bills which are something I do not vigorously spend on. Instead, the restoration of a new water heater could be a troublesome job for you and your family even after spending lots of money.

As you might have heard, most water heaters cannot last for a lifetime. You must consider its valuation as gas heaters would work anywhere between 8-12 years whereas electric ones last between 10-15 years and tankless heaters have a longer life expectancy.

Once you have noticed its leakage, that means you already have a big problem. Make sure that you or your kids do not step on the water which is leaking before switching it off, as they may pass electric currents. Despite you are lacking with finances to purchase the new one, you can do the temporary repair for the leakage but that would consist of risk as well. So, the best option is to call a plumber near you who can guide you or repair the damage for you.

Moreover, there are several types of heaters that could not be repaired, so just be careful before taking any steps. Measuring on the leak, you can either repair or replace your heater. Let’s discuss some steps on how to do water heater leak repair.

  1. Analysis:

Determine whether the leak could be repaired or not is the first step. Since the latest models are coated with a protective surface like glass so sometimes, it is unreasonable to replace a leak. And if leak you could examine the leak and evaluate the point of leakage, it would get easy for you to repair it. If it is not coming from the tank, which means it has leakage in the pipes or fittings that are connected to the tank and that wouldn’t cost you much which means it can be doable.

  1. Investigation:

Sometimes, there are issues with the pressure of valves too, so it may come from the pressure valve. When you are inspecting the tank, you will see a fitting which is somewhat very odd. It could be attached on either side of the tank. On top of it is a small handle that is used for manual operation if you are not using the latest model. That odd-looking thing is the valve and there is a leakage, it could be replaced.

  1. Perform:

Now it’s the time to perform the action that could repair your heater. Firstly, turn off the gas or power first. Then, turn off also the water supplies that are coming in and going out. You can do this by closing the valves that are connected. You can see these valves beside or above the heater which flow the water supply.

You can look for any other locks that are attached to the tank or heater and just open it, so that all the water in the heater tank is emptied and afterward, just detach the piping.

  1. Mending.

The last step is to fix the leaks. It will depend on the leak, you can tighten or reseal fittings and piping. The use will need necessary tools for plumbing like pipe wrench so that you can tighten them well and it doesn’t start leaking again. Once all these steps are done, compile all the parts in the original form.

  1. Evaluation:

Finally, you can close the sillcock and open the hot water valve that can let go of all hot water out, then slowly open the valve which could let cold water go in. Just evaluate if you see any leak, then you have successfully repaired your water heater.

Even after this, you notice any leakage, it’s better not to take any risk with family members and call a plumber near you, who could come fast and resolve your damage.

Even if you have a newer, fully functioning water heater, its best to have the professionals drop in for a look in a certain time frame.Experts can perform routine maintenance services where they will make sure that everything starting from your heater to your pipes and drainage systems are functioning at their best. That would guide them about any leaks or issues it had early and keep your water supply potent and stress-free!