When temperature drops during the winter months and the days get darken, the common thing that you need to deal with is the frozen pipes or clogged drains. As the winter months approach it is the duty of the homeowners to regularly look after the drains of their property as they are likely to experience issues because of increased use and cold weather conditions. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to maintaining your drains during winters. If you think it is not easy for you to deal with, then entrust the job to blocked drains company in Bracknell.

Helpful tips for maintaining drains during winter

  • The very first tip is to locate the stop valve which is located under the kitchen sink. Ensure to check the stop valve regulating regularly during winters as it tends to get damaged or corrode over time. So, you need to close and open the stop valve a few times every few weeks to ensure that it is performing correctly.
  • Before and after using the kitchen drain, you must always pour some cold water just to flush out the small food particles which may get stuck in the pipe. This may clog the drain over time. So, pouring cold water before and after using kitchen sink would prevent debris build-up and nasty blockage later.
  • It is also suggested that you pour hot water down the kitchen drain every few weeks. This is an extra measure to remove the build-up of grease along the drain pipe. This would prevent it from getting blocked.  
  • Most of the people usually pour the oil and fat into the kitchen sink which makes them set faster during cold months and this increases the risk of a clogged drain or calling for a plumber. So, ensure to pour such substances into old drink cartoon and throw it away.
  • The outdoor drains are most likely to clog during winters and hence it is suggested that you keep the drains free from debris like twigs and leaves. Keeping the drains free from debris would minimise the risk of getting blocked during winters.
  • You need to be careful enough and ensure that no taps are dripping as it encourages the pipes and drains to freeze which may lead to severe damage for the long run. Check the shower plugholes regularly and ensure that they are not clogged. Clean the drains regularly using drain cleaners so as to keep the water running.           

Seek Assistance of Experts

If you want your drains to survive during winters, then get the drain inspected by the experts which are the safe option indeed. The blocked drains company in Bracknell as expertise and experience for inspecting the drains and ensure to keep them clear during winters.