Are you looking for Islamic art for sale? Especially modern Islamic art, one which uses modern editing and printing technologies and materials or mediums not traditionally used in Islamic art such as decals, canvas and stainless steel. It’s called “modern” as it is different from the classic black-and-golden calligraphy on fabric.

When you look up Islamic art for sale on the Internet, most of the results that appear are of wall decals. Also known as wall stickers, decals are abundantly sold on major ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba.

Let’s understand what exactly are wall decals. See, they are actually stickers that one can paste right on to surface of the wall. Made up of vinyl, the decals are self-sticking on the side that is towards the surface of the wall. The side that is towards the room has a calligraphy of a verse or passage or word or chapter from the Glorious Quran, or a narration from the Hadith, or any other text inspired by Islamic tenets. Wall decals can be comfortably pasted on to or taken off from the surface of the wall without causing any damage to the wall by way of by drilling a hole or driving a nail into it, as is done so in the case of frames.

Decals are preferred not just because of their low prices, but also because of their text-only appeal, with no colours or backgrounds or frames that can distract the onlookers.

Wall decals are self-sticking and water-proof. You should properly wipe clean the surface of the wall before sticking the decal. This, so that no dirt or oil or any other such stuff on the wall sticks on to it.

  • Coloured digital prints

If you are the type who has a liking for colours and frames, then another choice for you are digital coloured prints. Or if you have the money, you can purchase Islamic calligraphy paintings as well. Digital prints on canvas or paper too resemble paintings and are light on the wallet. You can purchase digital prints of Islamic calligraphy paintings or as is vogue now, you can opt for computer-coloured prints of handwritten calligraphy. Calligraphers write the text with a black pen on a sheet of paper. This can then be scanned onto a computer, traced, digitally coloured, and decorated with backgrounds and motifs like elaborate patterns, geometric motifs, stars, crescents and borders – all these are identifiers of Muslim art and architecture. The print medium could be canvas, paper or even leather.

A canvas print, similar to a painting, needs to be stretched over a wooden board and can do without a glass cover – not like the case with a digital print on paper.

  • Stainless Steel or metallic frames

Among the newest experimentations in modern Islamic art are frames made of metal or stainless steel. In a mechanised process, stainless steel can be shaped and cut to fit the text. You can find these if you search for Islamic art for sale.