Hotel service is always needed to be fast. People need to work in a place that is accommodating and organized. One good example of a hotel part that would truly benefit would be the modern kitchen design. Hotels vary from one design to another so it’s really hard to find a good example of one.

But in Sydney, we’re starting to see a lot of modern design that is mostly aimed at short-term accommodations. In this article, we would be talking about this trend and how much advantage it possesses.

Modernity mirrors simplicity

Modernity isn’t equal to futurism, but sometimes, designers would add futuristic flavours to their modern design. In reality, though, most modern kitchen renovations in Sydney has a very simplistic style that is very appealing to the eye. We can safely say that going for a modern approach would also mean that you want something simple.

We can see a lot of examples, such as Miele kitchen cabinets that are installed in hotel kitchens. The hotel owners pick their appliances and components to also fit the whole theme or vibe of the kitchen. It isn’t a simple process but anyone with a taste in design can easily do it.

Less expensive

In comparison to traditional kitchen design, modern kitchen design is way far ahead of its price. Manufacturers are producing materials and even whole components and accessories for this design approach, making it more accessible and also less expensive.

Traditional kitchen design is also starting to get pricey because of how it welcomes customization openly. Customized traditional kitchen parts are very expensive, especially when it involves heavy designs and details.


Modern kitchen design is just a new addition but it is already garnering tons of attention from kitchen design enthusiasts. Kitchen designers are also going in to design maybe one or two from time to time because of how many people are looking for modernity.

We could also add that modern designs are also future-proof, although of course there may be still some trends and fads that may replace this gigantic type of kitchen design.

We often fear the unknown, and technology and research have a lot of that. Hotel managers might be really sceptic at looking through modern designs that work, but we’re going to tell you straightforward that your money won’t be a waste. A lot of people love modern designing and somehow, it keeps their mind at ease. It can also give any designers a sense of how modernity will impact the future of interior designing.

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