While we stand by the idea that bigger is better, that does not translate well when it comes to houses. While personal taste often has the better of us, there is nothing said about the drawbacks and benefits a one-story house has.

And while you are still here contemplating which of the two is better when you want to try Houston homebuyer assistance program, we have compiled a few points for you to decide on what house you are going to push through with.

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A one-story house might be wider, and a two-story house might be smaller. While there are specific criteria on how big a home should be, there is no denying that a one-story house is wider in comparison to a two-story house.

This case is to accommodate all of the amenities an individual need in a single story. While accessibility is a plus, there is no helping the fact that a wider house equals a smaller garden space. It can be either a good thing if you are not the kind that enjoys cultivating plants or a bad thing if you like to have a bustling garden.


Two story houses have a little bit of problem when it comes to privacy. You might be surprised at the things that you hear on the next room as well as the television on the first floor. This is the main problem for people who buy an old house.

You might assume that since you are starting a family, a two-story house is the best choice for you. However, a point that we want you to understand is that it is going to be noisier and privacy might become a thing of the past with it.


Emergencies should be a part of your checklist when it comes to visiting houses that you are interested in. Whether you are looking at a bungalow or even a two-story home. You need to consider what might happen during both human-made and natural disasters.

When fires or massive tornadoes come your way, the most important thing that you can do is to get your family out without a problem. One story houses tend to have fewer problems with that since there is a lot of access to the outdoors. Two story buildings, however, tend to be more problematic in cases that a kitchen is on the first floor and bedrooms are generally on the 2nd floors. This makes it dangerous in cases where a house caught fire or flood. Since you will be cut off from the exit and the only way you can get out is through the window going down.


Stairs take a lot of space in exchange for more. However, they might become the bane of a person’s existence especially if the person in question is the elderly, young, pregnant or sick. It is something you should consider as well when looking into houses. How the stairs are made and if they are sturdy. Since stairs can also require a lot of money to fix.