Many homeowners dream of a relaxing day by their pool, soaking in the sun while enjoying a favorite magazine or book. However, pool maintenance usually involves a lot of work. To keep your pool in top condition, periodic repairs are necessary. If you own a pool in St Petersburg, you might consider renovating it.

There are several reasons to remodel your pool. Perhaps you want to add new features that make it more enjoyable for users, or you might want to enhance the pool area to increase your home’s value. Whatever your reason, we have some tips that can help make your renovations beneficial. Here are a few signs that it might be time to consider a pool renovation.

Water Level Drops

If you notice a sudden drop in your pool’s water level and it’s not due to a big pool party or natural evaporation, your pool may have a leak. A leaking pool should be addressed quickly to avoid messy and expensive problems. Contact a pool renovation company right away to identify the issue and discuss your options.

Aging Mechanical Systems

The pump, filter, and plumbing are essential for keeping your pool running smoothly. If these components show signs of extreme wear, it’s important to replace them. Neglecting this can lead to severe delays in your swimming season. Spring is the best time to contact a professional to replace the mechanical systems in your pool.

Lack of Safety Features

Consider adding new safety features, such as railings or ladders, to make it easier for people to enter and exit your pool. These features should meet the latest safety standards. If someone with limited mobility uses your pool, installing a pool lift could be beneficial.

A pool fence is also a great idea, particularly if you don’t already have one. A fence helps prevent people, especially children, from wandering into the pool area unattended. Children can drown in pools every year, so it’s crucial to protect them. To enhance your pool’s safety features, contact a pool renovation expert before the swimming season begins.

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