Like it or not, no matter how clean and tidy your home is there will always be a chance of pests setting up home there, but the good news is they can be eradicated/moved on without too much inconvenience. For most homes the most common form of pests encountered are probably rodents, wasps and bees. Torquay pest control specialists are highly experienced in all manner of pest control but especially in regard to rodents, wasps and bees.

While rodents are generally not dangerous, they can be noisy and unhygienic and leave unpleasant odours in a home, and they breed quickly! Bees and wasps are a different story, due to their swarm size they are able to build a nest from scratch quickly and become an absolute nuisance in numbers. Although their stings are not usually dangerous, they can be potentially deadly for people with some conditions so special care must be taken to avoid an infestation. Other pests that might choose to inhabit your home or property include:

  • Moles
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Bed Bugs

Although the above examples aren’t deadly, they can be a nuisance and lead to skin irritation.

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Although you can take preventative measures to minimise the chances of a home infestation or trap the odd rat or mouse, care must be taken in the eradication of stinging insects such as bees and wasps and the pest control experts must be called out. As previously mentioned, the stings from these insects can be a real danger to some people and cause also affect young children and older people disproportionally.