COVID-19 is a novel virus and we have very less knowledge about it. We need to be very cautious while dealing with it as there is no known cure for this and currently different medicines are working for different people. As it is a contagious disease and spreads through respiratory droplets, it is very necessary to culminate it by adopting proper means. It is the responsibility of a state to get it properly disinfected and contact disaster cleanup contractors for this purpose. It is of utmost significance to find a good contractor to properly disinfect the area and minimize the chances of spreading the disease. The contractor hired should be available 24 hours a day so that it is present if any outbreak occurs. The cleaning company should follow all the government-defined instruction and its procedures and processes should be state of the art kind. Cost is also a very important factor that one cannot ignore.

One should do a market review to select a company with best practices and reasonable prices. It is very important to clean the place properly so that it is free from the viruses and germs on all kinds so that the place is safe for the people in future. Another factor to consider is the type of the place you want to disinfect. Different companies specialize in different forms of cleaning like water restoration, mold remediation and fire damage. The company should have all the required certification for required services. Their equipment should be updated and staff well equipped with necessary details. The staff should be able to identify the problem quickly, define and action plan and try to repair the place to bring it to its original state. Some companies have the access to make direct insurance claims to the insurance company. It saves a lot of time and hassle to the customer. As one is already in problem as his house or work place is damaged, this feature brings ease in insurance claiming procedure and attracts many customers.

Cleaning company should also take proper care of its employees because these employees are running the company. If your employees fall ill, who is going to take care of the customers? Their physical and mental health is of utmost important. They should feel safe while working so that their complete focus is on the ongoing job. Proper checkups should be done of the employees. They should be well covered so that they are not exposed to the virus. They should possess Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Their hand and feet should be covered with disposable gloves. This protective equipment should not be reused at all and should be properly disposed off after every use so that it does not affect the employees or any other person who encounters it. They should get proper rest also. In this difficult time, cleaning staff is fighting at the front line and the company should all necessary measures for their safety.