You are sure there is something wrong with your roof, but you have yet to get it assessed by a professional. You’ve noticed a lot of damage after a storm or your roof seems to be leaking and you need immediate repairs or a replacement. After an examination, the contractor tells you a new roof is the only solution. A new roof cost in Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK depends on a number of factors. When an expert roofer inspects your home, they are looking for a number of things. Here is how they come up with a figure when they hand you an estimate.

  • Level of damage to the structure
  • Type of work that needs to be done
  • Type of material that needs replacing
  • Size of the roof
  • Amount of labour involved in the project

Once all of these factors have been assessed, a good roofer will provide you with a reasonable estimate.

Table of Contents

Hiring a Contractor

Your new roof should last for at least 20 to 30 years without needing a replacement. This all depends on the roofer you choose to install it. When fitting a new roof, you should look to hire the best possible contractor. The roofer you choose should be local, that way you can visit their offices if anything goes wrong or you’ve any other questions. In addition to hiring local, speak to family and friends to see if they can suggest a contractor – word of mouth is often the best way to get recommendations.